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1. share. RELATED: 10 One Piece Characters Who Are Based On Real Life Pirates. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Follow 17049. Added 5 years ago carot in action GIFs Source: Watch the full video | Create GIF from this video. Is it just because Sabo has Ace's fruit? Read ace vs akainu from the story Dulce veneno (Ace x tu) by Aice-1601 (Aisha) with 852 reads. Akainu mocked Whitebeard in front of Ace and Ace was not gonna have any of it. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. He was set to be executed by Marines, but with the combined efforts of Luffy and co. he was set free. Akainu making direct contact with Crocodile's sand failed to melt it. His sons cried out for his safety. He was a vice-admiral when Ohara was destroyed by a Buster… Post Sep 10, 2009 #1 2009-09-10T20:24. what do you think would be the winner between these two guys with logia powers? #onepiece, -ace! Akainu had not only manipulated Squard, but he also insulted Whitebeard several times. Forum Posts. He also attacked Coby, who was distraught by the astounding number of casualties. This happened after Luffy had taken down Doflamingo at Dressrosa. There is nothing worse for a father than to be betrayed by his own son. Chapter 556 is titled "Justice Will Prevail!!" He was trained with his adoptive brothers Monkey D. Luffy and Sabo. (recordé la sonrisa de ella.... Mi puño se lleno de llamas y el de él de lava... Fue un golpe fuerte... Pero me había vencido salí impactado y caí dando vueltas, mi brazo estaba envuelto de lava), Donde viven las historias. Discover (and save!) - SilentS89. Wiki Points. 7,743. (  fue inútil me mobi hasta que no pudo sujetarme mas)- quien te crees para hablar así de mis seres queridos, Akainu: mm? ___: ace!!! -tienes razón....(seguimos corriendo hasta que ese almirante dijo algo, no pude evitar parar), Akainu: vaya..... Solo te iras como un cobarde.... Y así es como te llaman un pirata temible? Akainu used his skills to manipulate Squard into believing that Whitebeard only cared about Ace. A ship that was carrying the civilians of Ohara was leaving the island, but Akainu opened fire on the ship. Vine a salvarte! After Akainu realized that he couldn't beat Whitebeard, he just hid underground until Whitebeard was killed. Both Ace and Akainu have heat-based DF abilities, but Akainu's skill in it surpassed Ace's, causing Ace to be burned. This is without a doubt the worst thing that Akainu did. However, Akainu was still chasing them. In real life, Akainu would be nothing short of a hero, but in One Piece he's a big villain. I think it would be a hot battle. Well, the citizens of Dressrosa were protecting him and Fujitora couldn't really do anything about it. After the death of Whitebeard, the Whitebeard Pirates were running away as it was the final wish of their captain. Whitebeard saw Ace's brother lose the woman that was with him, and after he had transformed, being beaten by Akainu. -que? (Un marine apareció para atacar pero lo golpee primero con mi puño de fuego), -no soy de los que retrocede ___ (otro marine apareció atrás de mi pero __ lo golpeo diciéndole que no estorbara), __: ace.. Crees que me sentiré bien si mueres? Ace Vs Akainu Vf. He was successful in freeing Ace, but Ace sacrificed his life to save Luffy's life. A one-stop shop for all things video games. He went back and attacked Akainu. ____: (me miro y me sonrió)-por eso es que somos novios no? Ace: (se coloco delante mío para "protegerme")-creo que ya ganamos... Pero si buscas pelea será conmigo, -ace nuestra prioridad es salir de aquí (se hizo oídos sordos, estaba desafiando al hombre con su mirada)-ace...(ace iba atacar primero pero antes de que lo hiciera lo abrase fuertemente por atrás y me lance), Ace: jamás voy a dar la espalda, aunque signifique morir, (Llegamos al suelo, me quede un minuto abrazándolo y luego lo solté, se volteo para verme), (Me voltee para verla, bajo la mirada t luego me volvió a mirar enojada), ___: morir? After seeing Ace die in front of his very own eyes, Luffy suffered a mental breakdown and he couldn't think clearly. #love There were a lot of casualties and Akainu was keen to add more to the list. A popular theory in the fandom is that Luffy won't beat Akainu, but it will instead be Sabo who avenges Ace. However, Akainu had other plans. While Luffy was being carried away, Akainu decided to kill him. Ace had been handed to the Marines by Blackbeard, who gained the position of a Shichibukai in return. Every One Piece fan who hates Akainu knows that killing Ace is the biggest crime that he committed. Sabo inherited Ace's will, so he has to defeat Sakazuki, or at the very least him and Luffy will do it together. Akainu tried going up against a weakened Whitebeard and still, Whitebeard decimated him. Squard was tricked into believing it and he stabbed Whitebeard because of it. 1. This was confirmed by pirates and Marines alike. The melting point of sand is 1,650 °C (3,002 °F); this means Akainu's magma does not reach those temperatures. All the citizens of Dressrosa rejoiced as the reign of the cruel Shichibukai came to an end. Hubiera sido mejor no habernos conocido, ace... #ace TRY MAKEAGIF PREMIUM Remove Ads Create a … Jul 12, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by 1004_Angel. RELATED: One Piece: 10 Fights That Might Happen In Wano Arc. When Whitebeard was enraged, he completely destroyed Akainu and immediately made him regret killing Ace. Since Ace's flame couldn't overcome Akainu's heat, some think it's only right that Ace's other brother be the one to take down Akainu since he now has the Mera Mera no mi. Share the best GIFs now >>> Squard was one of the allies of the Whitebeard Pirates. ( ___ me acorraló con los brazos e intentaba que no diera ni un paso mas). Wano isn’t part of the World Government. There are still many characters that we are yet to see in the series. Before he could do so, a beam of light pierced his chest and sent him to his knees. He continued to bully them, but he was ignoring the fact that Sengoku and co. were dealing with a bigger threat now. Akainu is a stern follower of 'Absolute Justice,' and he is very unlikely to spare the life of any pirate. He managed to land an attack on Luffy, which gave him a huge scar across his chest. Akainu is among the Navy's top fighters and at the time of his introduction, he was the strongest among the three Admirals. Fox news get's a pass because they have to go against reality's liberal bias. Akainu, as we know, is a follower of 'Absolute Justice' and he is willing to execute each and every person who dares to stand in his way. We saw this at Marineford when Akainu attacked Marines, who didn't want to fight. In addition, as one of the top commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates, he was one of the strongest and most highly-regarded pirates on board under Whitebeard himself. Whitebeard was respected by everyone. 7,747 1. -... Perdón....(me acerque para abrazarla)-perdón por ser un estúpido.... -eso jamás (levante su mentón y le plante un beso... Profundo y delicado)-tenía muchas ganas de hacer esto hace mucho... Bueno ahora... Debemos salir de aquí (los marines nos rodearon, comenzaron atacar, comenzamos a pelear, por primera ves  ___ y yo fuimos un buen dúo para pelear, debo admitir que no me gustaba que ella peleará por eso siempre la protegía, pero ahora... Me doy cuenta que es muy fuerte, comenzamos a correr íbamos a la misma altura, la mire y le Sonreí)-hacemos un buen equipo. lucci85. Squard did realize his folly and apologized, but the deed was already done. I started writing about manga/anime so, that I might be able to reach out to fellow fans. Ia biasa mengenakan setelan khas perwira Angkatan Lautdengan jubah putih yang menggantung dan sering memakai topi sport standar kelautan. He was a vice-admiral when Ohara was destroyed by a Buster Call. 1 Cover Page 2 Short Summary 3 Long Summary 4 Quick References 4.1 Chapter Notes 4.2 Characters 5 Site Navigation Straw Hats and Animals: Sanji and Usopp relaxing and watching the stars while riding a camel. New World Captain. Ace: ____ adoro estar así contigo pero este no es momento de... -ah si, si, tienes razón, lo siento, me deje llevar (saque mi katana y corte las esposas)-listo! (me detuve y lo mire, me sonreía)-encerio????? After Whitebeard was killed, it was clear that the Navy had the upper hand. Akainu is among the most hated characters in One Piece, and there are plenty of reasons for so many fans to hate him. No one can doubt Akainu's power, but during the Summit War, he was too preoccupied with the Whitebeard Pirates. Akainu is among the most hated characters in the series and many fans can easily back up their claim. As commander of the 2nd division of the Whitebeard Pirates, Ace had authority over the lower-ranking subordinates. Chapter 575 is titled "Anger Without Words". Jajaja eres patético igual que al que haces llamar padre, Akainu: deberías hacerle caso a esa zorra, -DIJE QUE CERRARAS LA BOCA!!! One Piece has characters of all sorts. There is no denying there is no other manga series that can boast of such a diverse cast. quiero perderte ace (sus lágrimas se deslizaban por las mejillas pero se las limpiaba  rápidamente). Deja de moverte, vamos!! Followers ... by feats bb was stronger than ace while akainu was also stronger than commanders of white beard. I mean, both Luffy and Sabo carry Ace's will, both Luffy and Sabo are all about freedom vs Akainu's oppression, and pirates vs marines has been the primary overarching conflict for most of the series. Search, discover and share your favorite Akainu GIFs. Akainu tried to put up a fight, but it was all in vain. His crewmates called him 'pops' and he called them his 'sons'. Mike. Setelannya berwarna merah marun dengan kerah lebar berwarna merah muda bermotif bunga-bunga, terbuka menunjukkan lehernya yang kokoh dan tato besar bermotif bunga di dada kiri hingga ke punda… The man felt that he owed the Straw Hat something, so he decided to send Akainu flying. NO TIENES DERECHO DE HABLAR ASI DE ELLA Y MENOS SI NO SABES COMO ES!!! Ace VS Akainu Ace VS Akainu. Due to the huge number of characters, the fans have a tough time choosing their favorites. Akainu’s heat from his lava (he’s above ground so I’m calling it lava) isn’t going to have any effect on Natsu. My favorite manga is Berserk. black beard vs akainu ssj_god. We all know Akainu's personality though, he wasn't going to listen to any excuses. The Marines currently have no one who can fight a Yonko 1v1. On the other hand, Akainu’s magma is likely around 1,300 degrees Celsius (2,400 degrees Fahrenheit), which is quite a bit hotter than Ace’s flames. 5 years ago. Akainu adalah seorang pria yang tinggi dan bertubuh kekar, bertinggi seperti laksamana lainnya, dengan fitur wajah keras dan persegi serta berambut hitam cepak. Log In This is without a doubt the worst thing that Akainu did. While I haven’t read Chapter 940, I know that the marines will stay out of this because of three reasons. 3. NEXT: 5 Characters Who Will Join The Straw Hat Grand Fleet (& 5 Who Won't). At age 17, Ace began his pirating actions as captain of the Spade Pirates. Whitebeard was the only person who could match Roger at his prime. Ace was a fan favorite and the nicest pirates. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Akainu Vs Aokiji animated GIFs to your conversations. ace, fanfic, love. He deeply respected Whitebeard, but Akainu manipulated him at Marineford. Blackbeard and co. were giving them a tough time and Akainu didn't seem to notice or care. He became infamous and even refusing to become a Shichibukai. RELATED: One Piece: 5 Ways The Time-Skip Improved The Story (& 5 Things The Original Timeline Does Better) It just showcased the difference in their powers. After the death of Ace, Whitebeard was enraged and defeated Akainu in just two hits , something that just goes to show what a monster he truly was. Asadora! Ace vs akainu.. comedy fight.... See more of Faceofanime on Facebook. 414. Bueno tu novia... Es un demonio que debe volver de donde vino.... Y yo haré que regrese al infierno, -CALLATE!!! Sunshine isn't an element and as far as I'm concerned it isn't really flames either, but pure magical heat. So, Akainu forbade Fujitora to come to the Navy HQ until he caught Luffy. I know it’s hard for One Piece fans to accept just like it’s hard for them to accept that Natsu beats Ace, but Natsu beats Akainu. Luffy arrived at Marineford with his allies to save Ace. RELATED: One Piece: The Strongest Members Of The Heart Pirates, Ranked According To Strength.

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